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Create and amplify content to generate demand for your products and services.

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Content connects your best audience and drives demand.

Do your website pages, blog posts, images, and videos reinforce your brand, effectively convey your messaging and help your prospective customers find your products and services? Is your business generating significant organic search traffic, leads, and sales from your content?  If not, let’s review and refresh your content strategy and get your business on track with an action plan for content marketing success.  Call us directly at 571-252-9146, or, complete the contact form below to send us a message and request a call.

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Content Strategy

Make content work for your business with a content strategy that considers your addressable target market, priorities, and resources. It’s your map to content marketing success.

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Content Creation

Communicate messaging, reinforce branding and increase your business’s visibility with purposeful, high-quality content.  Every business has content, let’s make yours effective.

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Blog Marketing

Publish blog posts that provide the answers that your customers and prospects search for online and drive applicable monthly recurring organic search traffic with each new post.

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Image Marketing

Over 60% of image searches on Google turn into organic search traffic.  Improve your website,  reinforce your brand and drive more organic search users with  quality images that rank.

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Video Marketing

Users that prefer video represent a large segment of your market.  Pull them in with a video library that answers their questions, provides insights, and showcases your products and services.

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Structured Data

Properly formatted content and structured data can differentiate your Google search listings with rich snippets and make your content easier for your audience to consume.  Ask us how.   

Veteran Made Digital Content Production

High-quality, purposeful content production

Your business is unique and your target audience wants to know how and why.  What products and services does your company provide?  What are the benefits of those offerings?  How are they different from other choices?   All you have to do is answer the questions that your prospects and customers ask.   Small business owners know these questions and answers better than anyone.  Nonetheless, these important details – this unique company DNA – often gets lost in translation.

Have you read the content on your website lately?

Don’t be surprised if your unique business details are missing and your website looks and reads like the other similar businesses in your space.  Generic copy, overused stock images, blogs with the same titles and topics as your competitors, sterile social posts with no engagement – your unique company has been assimilated – and your value proposition description is a meaningless word salad.

High-quality businesses use high-quality content.

The content that describes your business, is your business – at least as far as your new sales prospects are concerned.  When you make the investment to communicate your authenticity online with purposeful content, more applicable prospects, shorter sales cycles, satisfied customers and more sales referrals are the dividends you can expect.

Stand out or get lost in the crowd.

Veteran Made Digital’s content production services combine business consulting, creativity and production expertise to take your unique business online and keep it aligned with the details and differences that draw contrast between your business and the competition.

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Copywriting & Editing

Communicating your salient points begins with our understanding. We strive for clarity.  Our collaborative method aligns our purpose, respects your time, incorporates your feedback, and results in high-quality deliverables.

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Original Photography

We create original images for our clients to showcase their offices, facilities, equipment, products, people and differentiate their digital marketing.  We complement photography with a full range of image editing and production options.

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Graphic Design & Illustration

Visual message communication is what we aim to achieve with every image.  Our creative services design imagery for most all uses and applications.

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Video Post Production

We offer a full range of video editing and post-production services to organize, manage, refine and grow your company’s digital marketing video library.

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