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Are you thinking about hiring Veteran Made Digital?  If so, the first three frequently asked questions and answers are recommended reading.

Is Veteran Made Digital a good fit for my business?

Veteran Made Digital helps small businesses achieve digital marketing success. Over the years, we’ve identified certain characteristics and success factors that our most successful clients share, many of which are incorporated into the questions below.  If you answer yes to the following questions, it’s very likely that Veteran Made Digital will be a good fit as your business’s digital marketing services partner.

  • Is your company a small business (Facts About Small Businesses)?
  • Will your business owner or executive-level sponsor commit to weekly 30-minute digital marketing review meetings?
  • Will your business allocate a budget of at least $3,000 per month to support your digital marketing program?
  • Will your business ensure appropriate systems and processes are in place to follow up with demand/leads generated from digital marketing?
  • Will your business commit that the appropriate constituencies will be represented at planned communications and that assignments will be completed according to agreed-upon deadlines?
  • Will your business provide accurate content in a timely manner in support of your digital marketing program?
  • Will your business convey to its leadership that digital marketing is an important company priority?
  • Will your business support digital marketing as long term business success strategy and hire a digital marketing services partner with a minimum one-year service agreement?

Does Veteran Made Digital guarantee results?

Digital Marketing in general is constantly changing.  Many of the third-party technologies we use change regularly and new ones come and go frequently.  Services from Google, Facebook, Microsoft (Bing) and others that are used by digital marketers everywhere are all subject to change.  For example, Google Search algorithms – that can significantly impact SEO and organic search results – change regularly.  Similarly, advertising, social and email marketing platforms add and remove features, are subject to government regulations and offer services that can become more or less competitive over time depending on your addressable target market and other factors.  Needless to say, certain strategies and tactics can become obsolete very quickly.  On the other hand, new opportunities abound.   Staying on top of the changes helps us react quickly to take advantage – whether that means minimizing a potential negative impact or maximizing a new opportunity.

Of course, changes in these widely used third-party technologies and services are not controlled by Veteran Made Digital (or any other digital marketing agency).  To guarantee results in such a dynamic environment would be disingenuous and we don’t do it.  Nonetheless, we stand by our track record of great results and commit to the following:

  • Our business is completely focused on digital marketing
  • Our decisions are driven by data, experience, and our values
  • Our results reporting is based on accurate and reliable source data
  • Our interactions are timely, attentive and professional
  • Our forecasts and estimates are based on realistic assumptions
  • Our work is efficient and client-objective focused
  • Our priority is client success – which is very much aligned with our own.

Why does Veteran Made Digital require a one-year term commitment?

Digital marketing success requires commitment.   Properly configured and orchestrated digital marketing platforms, programs, and campaigns require setup time and ongoing optimization to earn and tune results.  Every business is unique and each Veteran Made Digital client begins from a different starting point based on their existing capabilities and the objectives they want to achieve.  For all of our clients we aim to generate consistently positive and predictable results.  Those type of results take time to achieve, but they also remove sales uncertainty and lead to sustainable success.  So what is commitment, beyond sentiment?  We believe that hiring a digital marketing service partner for an initial 12-month term demonstrates an appropriate level of commitment.

Why does Veteran Made Digital only work with small businesses?

The simple answer is that we really enjoy working with small businesses and the people who own and run them.  Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • Digital marketing success dramatically impacts small businesses and the people who own and run them. Helping our client partners achieve that success gives us tremendous satisfaction.
  • Small business owners are more than business managers, they are unwaveringly positive, entrepreneurial, constructive business builders and job creators.  They provide a source of inspiration for us that never runs dry.
  • Small business owners are risk-takers, most often with their own resources at stake. That takes a certain confidence, determination and fearlessness that we respect.
  • Small businesses leaders are decisive and the organizations they build are efficient and minimize the type of bureaucratic red tape that can often clog up progress in larger organizations.

By the way, if you own a small business in the U.S., you’re in good company. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (YR 2020):

  • 99.9% of U.S. businesses are small business. That’s roughly 31.7 million companies.
  • Those businesses employ 60.6 million employees, nearly half (47.1%) of the U.S. private workforce.

Is Veteran Made a veteran-owned company?

Yes, 100% veteran-owned.

Does Veteran Made Digital accept company equity as payment?

The answer to this question is almost always no, however, we have and will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. In general, we will only consider equity-as-payment deals that meet all of the following prerequisite conditions:

  • Proposed deal must originate from a client – past or present (we already believe in you).
  • Proposed deal must be in term sheet format.
  • Proposed deal must include some cash payment.
  • Proposed deal is subject to Veteran Made due diligence requirements.
  • Approved deals must be formalized using Veteran Made deal documentation / agreements.
  • Have a proposal that you’d like Veteran Made Digital to consider?  Please send us a message with the details.

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