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Grow your business with search, display and video PPC digital advertising.

Veteran Made Digital Advertising Services

Drive more leads: website visits, in-person visits and phone calls.

Increase your reach beyond existing acquisition channels with digital advertising on search and social platforms. Use our service to expertly set up and run your search and social advertising campaigns, fill gaps in your reach, and refer more visitors to your website, webstore and storefront offerings.  Call us directly at 571-252-9146, or, complete the contact form below to send us a message and request a call.

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Account Setup

Setup and properly configure your digital advertising platform (e.g. Google Ads, etc.).

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Keyword Research

Identify high-potential ad keywords with appropriate search volume and cost per click.

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Analytics Integration

Integrate web analytics and configure your digital ad platform to track & measure conversions.

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Ad Campaigns

Define your budget and create advertising campaigns that target your addressable market.

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Ad Creation

Create ads that resonate with your target audience and align with your marketing objectives.

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Reporting & CRO

Measure and optimize ad conversion rates within your defined monthly ad budget.


Let’s discuss digital advertising for your business.

Call us directly at 571-252-9146, or, complete the form below to send us a message and request a call from Veteran Made Digital.